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Bee Cafe

Blessed with a gorgeous view of the lush rice terrace, the Bee Café was built with the Wantilan Subak (irrigation community house) in mind. This is a place where all the farmers will gather to rest and eat after working. Thus, if you’re looking for an authentic Balinese experience, while enjoying delicious Indonesian food, this is the place to go. Our Executive Chef Made Siharta designed the Bee Café’s menu to highlight the rich flavors as well as the fresh local ingredients that makes Indonesian food so good. Dishes like Suckling Pig Steamed Bun, Balinese Pork Ribs to the famous Sambal Matah Pizza are some of the unique interpretation of Indonesian cuisine by our chef. Don’t forget to order the unique cocktails, like Jamu Kuat or Rujak Lalah. These will be the perfect companion while lounging by the pool.

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Lagoon Swimming Pool

Come stay at Adiwana Bee House and you will enjoy our stunning pool as far as the eye can see. The main pool is designed in the shape of a lagoon that stretches across the area. This is aligned with the concept of a water source or an oasis that always surrounds Balinese houses. The pool is curvy, blue, and it invites guest to cool off while basking in the beautiful rice terrace view. Adiwana Bee House offers comfortable lounge chairs for those who seeks to sunbathe or simply relax and watch the birds playing amongst the rice paddies. Refreshing beverages and scrumptious snacks are available too.


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