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Adiwana Bee House

Like a bee returning to its hive, we all long for a sanctuary that feels close to home. Adiwana Bee House offers a private paradise surrounded by amazing rice paddies, lush greeneries, and view of Mount Agung. The resort is centered around a stunning pool lagoon that acts as an oasis on a hot tropical day. The garden and stone pathways will lead you to the beautifully-design villas. The house has a unique façade of a circular shape made of bamboo. The rest of the structures are also dominated by natural materials, like wood, bamboo, and stone. The rooms are spacious and open, allowing you to bask in nature at its finest. The facilities are yours to enjoy, with full privacy, because the resort is reserved for adults only (18+). Revel in the magical moments, from watching the breathtaking sunrise to observing birds playing in the rice paddies. Adiwana Bee House is the perfect destination for travelers who seeks a one-of-a-kind getaway and to step in a world of unspoiled natural beauty. Experience the ultimate Bali escape at Adiwana Bee House.



Surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty, Adiwana Bee House offers a variety of leisure activities for you and loved ones. Each activity is designed so that you get to enjoy the rich Balinese heritage, explore the surroundings and meet the locals, also to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Chinese New Year Dinner

Picnic Lunch

Chinese New Year Dinner

Adiwana Bee House



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